Why Choose Starboard Way?

Your Travel Plans Are in Good Hands

There are many reasons to use Starboard Way Travel agency,  though there are many misconceptions which keep people from using travel agencies.  We’ve even got family and friends we have to educate!  To help you make a wise decision on why to use Starboard Way Travel Agency, we’ve highlighted a few reasons below.

1. Experience. If you don’t travel frequently, it can be daunting to try to remember everything you need to do before, during, and after you travel.  Our travel advisors have extensive knowledge of the travel industry, including new regulations, restrictions, and other things which often arise unexpectedly.  

2. Economics.  It’s a common misconception that using a travel advisor is more expensive than booking your own trip.  In many cases, a good travel advisor can save you money on your trip, since they have access to travel deals and promotions not available to the public.  In addition, your travel advisor doesn’t charge you for their service. They earn their revenue through the companies they contract with.  You can rest easy knowing that your travel advisor has your back when looking for the best prices on your trip.   

3. Emergencies.  One of our clients once called us at 3:30AM from the road.  They were stuck in traffic on I-95 due to an accident and were going to miss their flight.  Since he booked his trip with Starboard Way, he needed only to make a call to his advisor, and she contacted the airline, rebooked his flight, and took care of all the other booking problems which occurred as a result of a later arrival.  This is just one of the instances where having someone in your corner pays off.

3. Extras.  All the details which make your trip extra special come much easier when you have an advisor with an existing relationship between you and the place you’re going.  Need special dietary accomodations?  Looking for an upgraded room?  A bottle of champagne in your room when your loved one gets there?  While not always guaranteed, the odds of making these things happen go up dramatically when you work with a travel advisor.

Ready to Travel?

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