About Starboard Way

Who we are, why we do what we do. 

About us

For over 20 years, Patricia Steager and her team of travel advisors have been helping people get away for vacations, plan honeymoons, destination weddings, business travel, and much more.  Starboard Way Travel Agency loves helping their clients enjoy the travel process by taking the guesswork out of it.  Taking pride in working with existing and new clients is our mission, and our commitment to providing the best service we can to everyone we work with – from comparing pricing from multiple suppliers to ensure the best prices for our clients, to providing 24 hour service to address any complications which may arise during your travels, we enjoy seeing that our clients can rest easy in a job well done.

The Starboard Way Advantage

Our Team

Patricia Steager, Owner

Patricia has worked in the travel industry for well over 20 years, starting as an agent for a local travel agency.  Travel had always been an integral part of her life, and after taking certification courses, she joined an agency in Bath, PA.  Shortly after that, she had an opportunity to purchase Starboard Way Travel, and for the past 20 years she’s been serving clients throughout the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.

Today, she and her team schedule and promote travel throughout the world as well as the United States.  Every vacation Patricia books comes with a packet of documents, 2 beach towels, and a bottle of wine.  It’s just her way of saying thanks.

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Annette, Travel Advisor

Specialty:  Cruises

Annette is our cruising specialist, and she provides travel planning for individuals, couples, families & groups, both domestic & international.   She enjoys working with all types of groups as well as individuals, couples, and families.  She understands individual needs well, and is able to help find the right trip for her clients.

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Patsy, Travel Advisor

Specialty:  Domestic & International Land Travel

If you’re flying somewhere, Patsy can help you get there easily, comfortably, and reliably.  She knows the travel industry inside and out, having set up travel arrangements for overseas groups touring the European continent, to honeymoons in the islands for newly married couples.

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The Starboard Way Advantage


When you decide to book your travel plans through one of the travel advisors at Starboard Way Travel, there is no fee for what we do, and many times we can get special pricing not available to the public.


Our travel advisors have decades of experience in the travel industry, and as regulations change and travel becomes more complicated, you have an advocate working for you while you focus on enjoying the trip.


When issues inevitably arise during your travel, you only need one phone number - ours.  Whether you're stuck in traffic on the way to the airport or having issues checking in, we're available 24/7 to take care of you.

Peace of Mind

We've already thought through all the items you'll need before your trip.  You can rest easy knowing that your travel advisor will ensure that you don't have to worry about a missing document or unexpected requirement.